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Packaging | #meetthemaker

Ok so you all saw this yesterday; I didn’t plan well - I’m sorry.Here’s a timelapse of me packing up an average order. I take great care in making sure my loose and framed prints are packed up securely as they are very expensive to have made so it’s my loss if they get damaged in the post!Each order comes with a handwritten notecard as I’m very conscious that artwork is a considered purchase and not something you see and buy while waiting for your takeaway coffee on your lunch break! I’m unbelievably grateful for every single order I’ve had since launching the business as it’s the ultimate validation that I can draw?! It sounds odd but it’s definitely something...

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Branding | #meetthemaker

I’ve probably spent the past 5 years trying to come up with a brand name other than ‘Sofia illustration’ or ‘Sofia design’ - neither of those really stick or scream global SME - not that that’s the scale ink & white has reached either! 😂 It just sounded a bit bleurgh. I wanted something that detached me from my work but I just couldn’t nail it.On 23rd April 2017, I was feeding Tilly and enjoying the 10 minutes of freedom to think and do nothing - there I had the epiphany, and thus ink & white has born. I could literally see the logo, the packaging, everything. It seemed so obvious with my monochrome drawings. Black pen on white paper, black & white,...

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Flatlay | #meetthemaker

My love for Instagram actually grew from an unhealthy obsession with composing flatlays. When I lived back at home, I used to wake up really early on a Saturday and deconstruct my mum’s vintage cabinet to use the marble top as a flat lay surface! Then I’d run round the house picking apart her flower bouquets, chopping up exotic fruits, and placing it all precariously on the very narrow windowsill that saw the first sunlight! Sometimes everything would be back in its place before she woke up. Sometimes it wouldn’t. And then I was in trouble...Nevertheless, I think even my mum is stunned at how much it’s helped me grow such a big follower based, particularly now that it has...

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Routine | #meetthemaker

This is something I don’t have that I really wish I did! Baby and routine are words that literally don’t go together! But that’s ok because my baby rocks I’ve read this on so many fellow makers posts today so it’s going to sound really cliché, but, I cannot start the day without coffee. Literally impossible. Pre-baby I used to aero press all day every day. Now it’s all about letting nespresso pods do the work while I cut up toast soldiers Hopefully next year I’ll have something with a little more substance to share but right now I just work around my little one. I also nanny my younger brothers 5 days a week so sometimes I only get to draw for...

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Time to relax | #meetthemaker

Ok this is going to be a real shocker but I hate relaxing. Unless I’m on holiday lying in the sun, which let’s face it, isn’t going to be that relaxing since I’ve had a baby, I find it incredibly boring. I can’t even watch tv in the evening without drawing at the same time or working on my website. In fact I probably wouldn’t even switch the tv on if it wasn’t for Will! I really miss having a piano at home and I haven’t played the flute for ages either - they’re both things I enjoyed pre-baby but unfortunately things like cleaning and ironing have become my favourite pastimes since then. I’m almost certain I was born in the...

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