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About me | #meetthemaker

I’ve decided to take part in the #meetthemaker challenge which involves a daily post about a different aspect of our business as I think it’s important for all of us that work so hard to take a moment once in a while to show that we are real genuine (and nice!) people behind all of this, and well - here I am! 

My name is Sofia, I’m 26 years old and live in lovely Weybridge, Surrey with my partner Will and our gorgeous little 1 year old girl, Tilly.

I studied Graphic Design at uni but it turns out I’m actually better off illustrating! I don’t have binocular vision which means I struggle with depth perception and perspective so it’s pretty weird that I fell in to drawing buildings - but hey when is anything ever straightforward?!

I’m a HUGE coffee lover and macarons are the way to my heart so if you’re ever in the vicinity I’d love to grab a cuppa (macarons not essential)

So excited to share more about my business, my inspiration, and how I work, over the next month!

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