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Flatlay | #meetthemaker

My love for Instagram actually grew from an unhealthy obsession with composing flatlays. When I lived back at home, I used to wake up really early on a Saturday and deconstruct my mum’s vintage cabinet to use the marble top as a flat lay surface! Then I’d run round the house picking apart her flower bouquets, chopping up exotic fruits, and placing it all precariously on the very narrow windowsill that saw the first sunlight! Sometimes everything would be back in its place before she woke up. Sometimes it wouldn’t. And then I was in trouble...

Nevertheless, I think even my mum is stunned at how much it’s helped me grow such a big follower based, particularly now that it has created a brilliant foundation for my business. Getting this many eyes on your work can take years and years of hard work and thankfully, I’ve got my mum’s marble top to thank for being where I am today!

Now my flatlays consist of my work wherever possible. It’s important to make sure the piece you’re trying to draw attention to is the focal point. It’s actually a lot harder than it looks because sometimes you just really want to show people how bloody good that macaron is or how much crema you’ve got on your coffee but they’re all low priority. Essentially you’re just trying to jazz up the main subject and put it in to a little more context. Humans hate seeing things alone without any life and soul; that’s why it’s so important to make inanimate objects like artwork come to life a bit.

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