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How I started | #meetthemaker

I spent ages trawling through my iPhone to find this photo! This is me with 3 month old Tilly in April 2017 designing the logo for the business I was about to launch - ink & white

I have always loved working and been very driven, always pushing myself to do more; sitting around doing nothing bores me to death and makes me feel like I’m not achieving anything and just wasting my life away. So although Tilly being a newborn and me being a first time mum was a lot to get my head round at first, I still didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything during her daytime naps - and there’s only so much cleaning you can do! 

I’d been drawing buildings - my first was St Paul’s Cathedral - for a couple of years and my mum always encouraged me to sell my drawings but finding the time to set up a business, website etc seemed like a lot of work on top of my busy job in London. And there was my lightbulb moment. Maternity leave opened up the opportunity for me to finally start building up my little enterprise!

I’m now spending nap times working on commissions and packing up orders and can safely say I’ve been up until 3am many times leaving poor Will to go to bed alone so I can get everything done! But it gives me thrills and the most wonderful sense of achieving and feeling like I’m doing something ‘right’ and for myself - and above all I absolutely LOVE being able to do my hobby for a living alongside being a Mummy. Things always work out in wonderful ways in life

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