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My workspace

So today one of my wonderful and fellow business mums asked me to share my workspace, my surroundings, and what inspires me...

So the truth is, I work from my living room which I share with my 4 month old baby and my partner Will, who often works from home. I do my drawings on the sofa and package my orders on the kitchen table and honestly, it suits me just fine!

Sure I'd love to have my own studio or dedicated workspace at least, but right now it's just a little beyond our means! Instead I've got beautiful natural light at my disposal for social media posts, a coffee machine in the room next door, and everything I need to keep this business running just within reach. From branded packaging paper to 0.5mm fineliners for super detailed work, it's waiting for me in my House Doctor basket ☝🏻

I start my day with a mug of black coffee and a big cuddle with the baby, making sure I'm both adequately caffeinated and emotionally prepared for the day. Not a single thing motivates me more than baby giggles and cheeky smiles while I work away. Nothing has driven me to work as hard in life as I am right now and it's all down to my little bundle of joy; my inspiration for everything I've achieved since the start of ink & white.

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