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Packaging | #meetthemaker

Ok so you all saw this yesterday; I didn’t plan well - I’m sorry.

Here’s a timelapse of me packing up an average order. I take great care in making sure my loose and framed prints are packed up securely as they are very expensive to have made so it’s my loss if they get damaged in the post!

Each order comes with a handwritten notecard as I’m very conscious that artwork is a considered purchase and not something you see and buy while waiting for your takeaway coffee on your lunch break! I’m unbelievably grateful for every single order I’ve had since launching the business as it’s the ultimate validation that I can draw?! It sounds odd but it’s definitely something you start to doubt when you do it for so long!

There’s definitely room for improvement on my packaging but for now, this is the most cost-effective option for me. I’m really excited about ways in which I can spruce it up in the future so who knows, I might have something new to share next March!


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