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Routine | #meetthemaker

This is something I don’t have that I really wish I did! Baby and routine are words that literally don’t go together! But that’s ok because my baby rocks 

I’ve read this on so many fellow makers posts today so it’s going to sound really cliché, but, I cannot start the day without coffee. Literally impossible. Pre-baby I used to aero press all day every day. Now it’s all about letting nespresso pods do the work while I cut up toast soldiers 

Hopefully next year I’ll have something with a little more substance to share but right now I just work around my little one. I also nanny my younger brothers 5 days a week so sometimes I only get to draw for a couple of hours every few days. As long as my orders go out on time - I’m happy. It’s the best I can do and if that’s good enough for my customers, it’s good enough for me.


  • fzlpsppzwf

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • manfred simeoni

    Amazing Sofia : I was just browsing the internet to see what I could put on the Clan e mail and found all these! Happy birthday Sofia .

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