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My workspace

So today one of my wonderful and fellow business mums asked me to share my workspace, my surroundings, and what inspires me... So the truth is, I work from my living room which I share with my 4 month old baby and my partner Will, who often works from home. I do my drawings on the sofa and package my orders on the kitchen table and honestly, it suits me just fine! Sure I'd love to have my own studio or dedicated workspace at least, but right now it's just a little beyond our means! Instead I've got beautiful natural light at my disposal for social media posts, a coffee machine in the room next door, and everything I need...

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My first Mother's Day

Uneven boobs, no pelvic floor, and a whole loada rolls in unwanted places that I wasn't expecting to have this time last year! But I wouldn't change it for the world. This little girl brightens up my day and puts sparkles in my eyes like no one else (except for her Daddy). Until a couple of months ago I couldn't even imagine loving anything as much as I love her and now she's the most precious thing I've ever owned and couldn't live without. You're the best Tilly bear; thank you for making me such a proud Mummy 💕

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