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Time to relax | #meetthemaker

Ok this is going to be a real shocker but I hate relaxing. Unless I’m on holiday lying in the sun, which let’s face it, isn’t going to be that relaxing since I’ve had a baby, I find it incredibly boring. I can’t even watch tv in the evening without drawing at the same time or working on my website. In fact I probably wouldn’t even switch the tv on if it wasn’t for Will!

I really miss having a piano at home and I haven’t played the flute for ages either - they’re both things I enjoyed pre-baby but unfortunately things like cleaning and ironing have become my favourite pastimes since then. I’m almost certain I was born in the wrong century being a massive traditionalist and preferring art, books, and instruments over city life, technology, and partying. I guess I’m an introvert with an extrovert’s personality. 

To be quite honest, drawing is the most relaxing thing I do - when I get to do it! It’s definitely become more stressful with the pressure since I’ve turned my hobby in to a business but I think if you’re lucky enough to do the thing you love most for a living then you’ve pretty much nailed it!

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