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So this is beautiful snowy Weybridge in Surrey where I live! Unfortunately that’s not quite the view from my house but it shows the actual ‘Wey Bridge’ on the ‘River Wey’ in all its glory.

I’m not originally from here, having only moved to Weybridge to settle here and raise our family a couple of years ago - it seemed and has turned out to be, a pretty great place for it, with lots of other lovely Mummies and babies! Before I moved here, I lived in Ascot with my parents and brothers. I never ‘did’ London; even when I worked there until I went on maternity leave, I couldn’t stand how busy and stuffy the city was.

And beforeeee all of that, I was actually born and raised in a beautiful town in Germany called Heidelberg which also lies on a river, and I only moved over to England when I was 10. I do miss the beautiful city but I’m proud to be British even if I am set in my continental ways e.g. hating tea, warm puddings and above all, roast dinners (although I’m also vegetarian so that’s kind of a given).

So that’s me and a little map of where I’ve been the past 26 years! Can’t wait to read everyone else’s posts on where they’re making, crafting, and creating lovely things!

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