Workspace | #meetthemaker

Yep, it’s literally my kitchen table! There’s not really much else to say about my workspace apart from that I can’t wait to have my own studio space one day with a large scale printer and big rolls of Hahnemühle in the corner. So dreamy...

I have about an hour and a half of precious time a day when Tilly is either napping or eating where I can take all my bits and bobs out of their various storage places, throw them on the table and crack on with packing up orders! The evenings when I work on my commissions are thankfully a little less mayhem, although I don’t usually start until 10.30pm which means I work in artificial light - you don’t get these shadows under your eyes for nothing! 

I love to stay organised with my weekly diary from Martha Brook which helps me plan my social media content, PR releases, and any new product release dates. It’s the one single thing I still like to keep on paper - there’s no better feeling than flicking through a notebook and seeing all your thoughts and ideas come to life!

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