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How it's made | #meetthemaker

I often start a new commission worrying that I’m not going to be able to get it just right. That I won’t be able to immerse myself in it, that I won’t do it justice, and mostly that the customer won’t like it!! Unfortunately that’s inevitable in this line of work as art is so subjective - luckily I’ve not had any disappointment to date! Before I start a new piece, whether it’s been commissioned by a customer or it’s something I am doing for myself, I try and look at the building in question from as many points of view as possible and read up about it’s history and architectural background. I then draft up a sketch, often measuring...

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Workspace | #meetthemaker

Yep, it’s literally my kitchen table! There’s not really much else to say about my workspace apart from that I can’t wait to have my own studio space one day with a large scale printer and big rolls of Hahnemühle in the corner. So dreamy...I have about an hour and a half of precious time a day when Tilly is either napping or eating where I can take all my bits and bobs out of their various storage places, throw them on the table and crack on with packing up orders! The evenings when I work on my commissions are thankfully a little less mayhem, although I don’t usually start until 10.30pm which means I work in artificial light -...

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Photography | #meetthemaker

I absolutely love a flat lay so learning to photograph my products vertically was quite the challenge to begin with! 📷 I don’t use a fancy camera; my iPhone is more than adequate and the wealth of photo editing apps available can transform any photograph in to a beautiful piece of art. I mostly use Photoshop to retouch my images and VSCO and Instagram to edit the hues and lighting before posting on my website or Instagram. I have a 3 sided backdrop which reflects white light and I use pretty much anything I can find lying around the house to accompany my images; this usually tends to be foliage as the organic colours balance out my monochrome illustrations and help bring them...

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Favourite thing to make | #meetthemaker

This one is seriously tough! I love drawing absolutely everything!? There’s definitely something to be said for receiving a commission for a house or venue - something that means so much to someone else and having the privilege of putting that place full of emotion and memories on to paper for them to cherish forever - that’s something I will never tire of.However, there really is nothing I love more than losing and immersing myself in something I have chosen, no deadlines, no opinion, no feedback, just me, my pen and my thoughts. That really is my favourite part of what I do!I can count hundreds of beautiful buildings and landmarks I have walked past over the years where I...

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How I started | #meetthemaker

I spent ages trawling through my iPhone to find this photo! This is me with 3 month old Tilly in April 2017 designing the logo for the business I was about to launch - ink & whiteI have always loved working and been very driven, always pushing myself to do more; sitting around doing nothing bores me to death and makes me feel like I’m not achieving anything and just wasting my life away. So although Tilly being a newborn and me being a first time mum was a lot to get my head round at first, I still didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything during her daytime naps - and there’s only so much cleaning you can do! I’d...

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